Frontierville Help Travelers Missions

By | February 14, 2012

Help gold rush travelers in frontierville help travelers missions from supply outpost for some great rewards !
for each traveler on frontierville gold rush stories the third requirements you need to help them by collecting items either by craft or request

here are the list of items you need to get for each pioneer trail travelers :

Help Rusty
rusty is all loaded up on gold n’ grms from the gold rush and needs to get a few essentials to complete his trip home !
1 provisions – craft
1 assorted shoes – ask friends
3 stylish suspenders – ask friends
1 fancy wallet – craft

crafting items :
10 raw bacon + 3 smoky salt = bacon jerky
1 bacon jerky + 5 crusty biscuits = provisions

2 leather square + 2 fancy stitchin = fancy wallet

tips :
get raw bacon by selling adult pigs
find leather squares drop from tending cows

Help Helena
Helena is planning to open a bed n’ breakfast in gold rush territory ! give the gal a hand and show her around the inn.
1 washing stuff – craft
1 provisions – craft
3 assorted shoes – ask friends
3 country map – ask friends
8 large keyring – ask friends
4 french doily – ask friends

crafting items :
3 wildflower extract + 3 sudsy bucket = road soap
2 road soap + 2 scrubbin brush = washin stuff

tips :
get wildflower extract from wildflowers

Help Jim
Jim is headin’ west because he’s heard theres all sorts of ways to strike it rich! He’s only in town fer a bit but needs few things a’fore headin’ out.
2 washin’ stuff – craft
2 provisions – craft
5 assorted shoes – ask friends
5 country map – ask friends
5 new lasso – ask friends
16 clean bandana – ask friends

Help Mae
Sheriff Mae is hot on the tail of that no good rustler, Jim! Stock her up quick so she can catch that wily villain !
3 washin’ stuff – craft
3 provisions – craft
7 assorted shoes – ask friends
7 country map – ask friends
6 shiny spurs – ask friends
15 boot polish – ask friends

Help Bert
Trader Bert struck it rich in the gold rush without diggin’ up a single rock! But now he’s sold all his goods and needs to resupply if he’s going to keep
3 washin’ stuff
3 provisions
9 assorted shoes
9 country map
6 wagon ties
2 crate reinforcements

crafting items :
2 iron ingot + 2 part casting = crate reinforcement
2 coal + 10 iron ore = 5 iron ingot
tips :
find coal crafted blacksmith
get iron ore from clearing rocks