Frontierville Herding Training Goals

By | May 6, 2011

Frontierville Herding Training Goals ! Buy the herding skill inside kennel for your adult dogs to start this missions, there are 3 mission to finish

Please remember that a dog needs to be following your avatar to complete this mission. Click on a dog and then on “Follow”. It will follow your active avatar

here are the list of herding skill quest :
GOAL: Herding Training, Part I of III
– Tend 30 Adult Sheep with Dog Following
– Tend 30 Adult Cows with Dog Following
– Collect 10 Herding Permits

GOAL: Herding Training, Part II of III
– Sell 50 Adult Sheep with Dog Following
– Sell 50 Adult Cows with Dog Following
– Collect 15 Herding Certificates

GOAL: Herding Training, Part III of III
– Apply Herding Training to One Dog
To complete your herding training, click “Train Dogs” on the Kennel and select the dog you want to train. Then click on “Apply” under the Herding training section, you will start frontierville teach herding goal

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