Frontierville Holiday Hall Missions Links

By | June 8, 2012

Earn great rewards by finishing frontierville holiday hall missions and store your holiday buildings !

Free up space on your homestead by storing holiday buildings in the pioneer trail holiday hall ! You can collect all your daily bonuses with just one click !

here are the quest requirements :

Goal I: Valentine Memories Mission
Place the Holiday Hall on your Homestead
Harvest 10 Mixed Tulips on your Homestead
Ask for 10 Kissin’ Memories
Reward: 300 XP, 300 Coins, 3 Shaggy Llamas

tips how to get :
fine pine : drops from large and x-large pine trees on your homestead
wolfnut butter : collect from wolfnut trees
white rose extract : tend white roses
crisp green apple : harvest green apple trees

holiday hall material links :
zoning-permit carpenter-kit love-poem lovely-locket
zoning permit link – carpenter kit link – love poem link – lovely locket link

wine-rack firecracker wrapping-paper pumpkin-seed
wine rack link – firecracker link – wrapping paper link – pumpkin seed link

scary-spider-web storage-plan melting-pot hourglass-vial
scary spider web link – storage plan link – melting pot link – hourglass vial link

Goal II: Christmas Cleanup Mission
Harvest 35 Sugar Plum crops
Collect 10 Shaggy Llama Hair (drops from Shaggy Llamas you just got 3)
Craft 4 Wooden Soldiers
Reward: 3 Woolfnut Trees, Holiday Rats Decoration, Unlock Collect All Bonus

crafting guide
wooden soldier = 8 fine pine + 10 whittling knife

Goal III: Halloween Hiatus Mission
Complete the Holiday Hall
Collect 10 Holiday Hijinks (drops from the Holiday Rats decorations you just got 1 as a reward)
Craft 2 Werewolf Potions
Reward: 300 XP, 3 Holiday Crates, Unlock Building Customization

crafting tips :
3 werewolf potion = 6 wolfnut butter + 4 hairy beaker

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  • Jo

    Why do you not provide the crafting instructions as well? The lack of such instructions makes your guides worthless. Since we have to go somewhere else for crafting directions, we might just as well go somewhere else for ALL the mission instructions and save ourselves a step.