Frontierville Holiday Hog Tracks

By | December 7, 2011

On bringing home the bacon timed quest, the third mission of holiday hogknocker you must collect 50 frontierville holiday hog tracks
pioneer trail hog tracks

how to get holiday hog tracks in frontierville ?
you can see the hint : find hog tracks by clearing clover
clearing here means harvest

so just plant and harvest clovers a lot ! because the drop rate is rare.. like 10-11 hogtracks per 200 clover

i planted over 100 clovers already and only got 5 tracks 🙁

also super clover doesn’t count just the regular and it’s a rare drop

just like getting salsa from tomatoes this time you must harvest more than a thousand clover crops to find hog tracks, at least the growing time is shorter 😀

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