Frontierville Holiday Prize Avalanche Repeatable Missions

By | December 8, 2011

Do these frontierville holiday prize avalanche repeatable missions and for every 3 big quest you complete, you’ll earn a valuable ultra rare prize !
gingerbread man cookie icon : expert missions

read the guide below :
There are 3 pioneer trail holiday hollow repeatable missions available (these can be seen in Holiday Hollow as well as while on your homestead.)
They are NOT REQUIRED to finish Holiday Hollow, they are just for players who would like to earn more prizes.
These will spawn from one of two things (depending on what you finish first):
1. completing the workshop OR
2. finishing the Warmin’ Em Up mission (holiday hollow magical ornaments missions)

NOTE : you will need lots of candy canes to complete these quests

here are the goals requirements :

part 1 : A Flood O Cocoa Mission
– Collect 40 Gears
– Collect 50 Cocoa Milk
– Collect 150 Candy Canes
Reward: 1 Big Present, 10 Cheer, 500XP

tips : tend cocoa cows to get cocoa milk

part 2 : Cookie Chaos Mission
– Collect 50 Fir Wood
– Ask Yer Friends For 20 Cookie Dough
– Collect 150 Candy Canes
Reward: 1 Big Present, 10 Cheer, 500XP

tips : get fir woods from tree trimmer actions

part 3 : Squad O Snowmen Mission
– Repair 50 Melted Snowmen
– Ask Yer Friends For 20 Snowman Caps
– Collect 150 Candy Canes
Reward: 1 Big Present, 10 Cheer, 500XP

tips : decor comes from hall decker actions

mega missions for holiday hollow in frontierville

the rewards are :
3 missions : stocking tree
6 missions : santa costume
9 missions : caroling penguins
12 missions : reindeer prince
15 missions : baby yeti

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