Frontierville Horseshoe Pit Prize Rewards

By | September 13, 2010

Frontierville Horseshoe Pit Prize Rewards ! after you / your friend build horseshoe pit in frontierville you can play the game 🙂

and there’s a prize reward for each points that you collected when you throw the horseshoe to the spike ! you can redeem reward for your points by clicking ‘cash out

Horseshoe Pit

what are the prizes / rewards for horseshoe pit game in frontierville ?
Here are frontierville horseshoe pit prize rewards list :
2 xp
300 coins
1 cherry tree
10 xp
2 energy
2 pig
5 energy
2 pear tree
2 cow
2 ox
1 mule
200 xp
1 horse
10 horseshoes
30 energy
1 beef jerky
1 mystery animal crate
1 mystery crate
2 beef jerk
150 energy
200000 coins
3500 horseshoes (Jackpot)

so have anyone get the jackpot so far ?

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  • christina

    I finished farmville 200 crops but as I gained my wooden board the game refreshed on its own. Does this mean I will have to plant/harvest 200 again? If so, that sucks. -_-

  • fero

    no, it is on the left side, but it is hidden. I clicked on the first icon (recent activities of my friends)and after closing the pop up window, this icon was replaced by wooden board icon. Click on it and claim your bonus

  • Christine

    I planted/harvested 200 and didn’t get anything.

  • kathy

    I think it’s zynga’s greed at it’s ‘best’. If we weren’t forced to play their other games (like they think we haven’t already tried a bunch) and if it was ALL for coins, with maybe an almost impossible chance to win SOME horseshoes, it could be a fun part of the game.
    They’ve had their player numbers dropping like a rock, so they’re trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Get more people playing more of their games and more revenue. Unfortunately they’re not smart enough to understand that force is not a good persuader. All you have to do is read the forum. people are not happy. For me, this might be the last straw – and I am actually one of the players that spends money – but no more on zynga games.

  • Ami

    I got the jackpot on my first go so I think the pit is fab but I doubt it happens very often!

  • Alyssa

    I have planted and harvested over 500 crops and I havent gotten anything 🙁 Any idea what I am doing wrong???

  • Brianne

    For everyone that planted the crops but havent gotten the boards, on the left side of the farmville screen where it tells you to go visit friends with the icons of a list and a picture just click and close those windows then it will come down and you can click on the boards.

  • cathetrine

    i finally got the game finished!!! so i go into it and big FAIL

  • Melony

    I have hit the jackpot as well it was AWESOME!! I was so stunned that it took a few minutes to sink in.

  • Anthony

    i already leveled-up 4x in Zynga Poker (from Level 8), but no sign of the Golden Horseshoe while playing on the table. is there a way to find my horseshoe? please help.

  • Judy

    I keep getting 5 -6 points in the horseshoe pit, but when I cash out they don’t show up on my badge page? Am I doing something wrong? I got 6 points to register and now it just takes my horseshoes. It does pay out in pigs, etc., but I’d rather have the total on my badge page.

  • Denise

    I received 7 points on the horseshoe game. but now whenever I get points they never register. Do I have to score more than 7 in order for me to get points to show or should I get the points everytime I get them?

  • Ryan

    Yes, the horseshoe pit badge is a high score, not a total score. 🙁

    Anyone figured out any tricks yet, like if you’re more likely to not do a wild throw if you take a break between throws?

  • Leo

    so what is wild throw ?
    why it’s kick me out from the game…

  • Sam

    Taking a break between throws does help you, though not everytime. Ive got up to the 150 energy twice though i dont really need coins or energy at that i usually stop at the horses or mule cause when they get to adult stage you can sell them and get horseshoes

  • Alyssa

    you need to go to farmvill my going through frontiervill by like clicking the earn for free boutton other then that i have no clue hope i could help

  • Jen

    I’ve been trying to get a higher score on the horseshoe pit but the highest I’ve gotten is 5 0r 6 and then I get a wild throw and it kicks me out. I’ve been playing for months now and idk what to do to get a higher score. I’m tired of using up all my horseshoes just trying to get a high enough score to get the next Jackalope badge. Any suggestions anyone?

  • Des

    How do you get 5 points? I always get 2