Frontierville Horseshoe Tree For Free Horseshoes

By | February 29, 2012

The Limited Edition Frontierville Horseshoe Tree can be purchased for a one time price. Each week you harvest it you will get 20 HS.
DOUBLE your horseshoes in one year!

If you have enough cash to purchase this, you can double your money in 1 year.

here’s what you need to know :
– this tree cost you for 520 HS
– harvest it once per week for 20 HS
– tree expires after 52 harvests
– in 52 weeks you can get 1040 HS

so if you buy horseshoes with 50% discount, then you have a 4x return on your investment ! yeah i just hope we can get this horseshoe tree free either from quest rewards or prizes 😛