Frontierville Hospital

By | February 19, 2011

Frontierville Hospital ! a new building in frontierville : doctors office

hospital in frontierville and Doc Auburn

doctors office : requires 80 additional wood to build, build the doctor’s office to craft medicine and get advise from Doc Auburn !

there’s also frontierville hospital missions : frontierville the prairie pox

buy this building on the hospital with 100 coins + 20 woods, and to build hospital you must collect these materials :
10 Clothes
10 Painkillers
10 Latex Gloves
10 Hospital Beds
10 Antiseptics
10 Masks

when you’re done you can craft these items :
5 glass vials + 1 peppermint extract = 5 medicinal elixir

don’t forget that you can get frontierville doctor’s office collection from this hospital daily bonus

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