Frontierville Hungry For Some Games Mission

By | July 24, 2012

Lend bess a hand with training in frontierville hungry for some games mission and receive an archery horse !

Howdy, friend! all the homestead folks are training hard for the frontier summer games and bess wants to brush her up on her horse archery skills !

“did you know i was once the sharpest shooter this side of the west ? but it’s beed a while.. think you could help me practice some?

timed quest : Hungry fer Some Games
– Craft 5 Archery Bows
– Collect 20 Bow Grips (drops from adult cows)
– Tend 20 Brown Horses on your homestead or neighbor’s
Reward: 700XP, Exercise Crate, Archery Horse (not rideable)

crafting guide :
3 bow string + 4 bow limb = archery bow
get archery bow drops from flax crops

thanks for helping me get back on the mark, hon! i reckon i could hit a grape off a goose’s head right now! let’s celebrate with a horse for your friends !
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