Frontierville Ice Skating Missions

By | January 11, 2013

Earn new animals by enjoying winter activities in frontierville ice skating missions with your frontier friends !

GOAL: Ice Skating, Part I of IV

a nearby pond has frozen over, so it’s time to bring out the skates and hit the ice ! help doc, fanny, and ted enjoy their icy winter pastimes !

quest walkthrough guide :

goal I: Backcountry Questin’ Mission
– Place the Rental Shack
– Click “What is This” on the Ice Pond
– Collect 6 Backcountry maps from friends
Reward: Frozen Cherry Tree, 3 Iceberg Lettuce, Heart Shaped Pond


goal II: Fresh Frozen Fish Mission
– Gather 25 Old Tackle Boxes – Harvest Soybeans
– Harvest 12 Frozen Cherry Trees (free gifts, 2 Boiling Water per)
– Finish Phase 1 of the Rental Shack
Reward: 2 Frozen Orange Trees, 2 Frozen Chickens, Icy Fishing Pond

goal III: Softenin’ Up Hank Mission
– Gather 20 Hot Cocoa – harvest Spice Bushes or Cocoa Trees
– Craft 5 Achievement Awards
– Finish Phase 2 of the Rental Shack
Reward: 3 Winter Pear Trees, Ice Crystal Tree, Skating Baby Polar Bear


goal IV: Homestead Hockey Mission
– Gather 20 Power Cookies – harvest Granny’s Oven (free gifts)
– Tend Skating Polar Bear 15 times
– Finish the Rental Shack
Reward: Frozen Bear, Icy Duck, Skating Ducks

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