Frontierville Identify Fool’s Gold Mission

By | March 25, 2012

New prospect falls timed quest : frontierville identify fool’s gold mission ! this goal must be accepted by may 1,2012 and completed within 7 days of starting the event, though you might finish it in no time 😛
There’s been a recent string of fool’s gold in the mines. Help identify the veins that produce these metals so you can cast them out.

pioneer trail foolish gold mission :
– Tend a Mineshaft 12 Times in Prospect Falls
– Ask for 15 Pyrite Testing Kits
– Ask Friends for 20 Jeweler Loupes
Reward: 500XP, 15 Gold Nuggets, 1 Copper Cow

tips :
more than one mineshaft can be built
ask friends for pyrite testing kits and jeweler loupes
Jewelers Loupe link