Frontierville Injured Critter Mission

By | February 16, 2011

Frontierville Injured Critter Mission ! new mission for the injured animal in frontierville, you must look for a white buffalo (injured buffalo) to get this quest

GOAL: Nurse an injured baby critter back to health in frontierville

Injured Critter ! Tarnation! Looks like there’s a baby critter here who got in a tussle with a nasty coyote! You can still save her I reckon, with lots of work and some tender lovin’ care.

for this injured animal quest you must :
– Move the injured critter
– Feed the injured critter some Critter Milk (Click on the injured critter to ask for Critter Milk from your friends)
– Fully Rehabilitate the injured critter (Fully restore the injured critter to health)

Hint : Gather Critter Milk from your friends by clicking on the critter, or by buyin’ it from the Market. Once you have the Critter Milk, tend the injured critter to heal it.

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  • Annette Ray

    I did not move the white buffalo before I did the first milk feeding of it and now, even with moving it, I can’t get “credit” for moving him. I will never finish this quest.