Frontierville Inn L’Amour Missions

By | July 22, 2011

Upgrade Inn on frontierville to Inn L’Amour and invite your friends stay at your inn ! also finish the new 4 frontierville inn l’amour missions

Howdy Pardners! Love is in the air and there needs to be a place for a romantic getaway on the Frontier!

4 new goals with quest titles :
part 1 : A Clean Well-Lit Inn
part 2 : Stockin’ Up on the Goods
part 3 : Inn Grand Re-Opening!
part 4 : Feeling Inn L’Amour Tonight

here are the requirements for upgrade inn mission :

GOAL: Inn L’Amour, Part I of IV
– Start Inn Upgrade
– Visit Five Neighbors
– Collect 15 Room Keys (ask)

GOAL: Inn L’Amour, Part II of IV
– Tend 50 Geese on Your Homestead
– Have or Collect Two Minty Toothpaste (peppermint collection)
– Harvest 100 Fruit Trees on Your Homestead

GOAL: Inn L’Amour, Part III of IV
– Have or Collect Two Milk (cow collection)
– Harvest 50 Sunflowers
– Collect Ten Guestbook Signatures (ask)

GOAL: Inn L’Amour, Part IV of IV
– Have 9 Guests Visit Inn L’Amour
– Collect Two Inn L’Amour Daily Bonuses
– Customize the Inn L’Amour

have fun with the new mission and feature

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