Frontierville Inn Upgrade

By | July 22, 2011

Upgrade your Inn on frontierville ! There seems to be a dry spell on the frontier, pardner. An upgrade to your Inn seems fittin’ to make it rain romance in all directions!
Upgrade to the Inn L’Amour and invite guests to stay! The more visits to the Inn L’Amour, the bigger and better daily Reward with premium items!

some things that you need to know :
– Must have 11 neighbors & an Inn to receive this feature.
– Once the Inn is upgraded, it will not be storable.
– If you own more than one Inn, please note that only *one* can be upgraded.

how Inn L’Amour works in frontierville :
1. Send requests to invite your friends to stay at the inn. More friends staying every day means bigger and better Rewards.
2. Click “View/Invite Guests” to see who is staying at the inn and to invite more guests.
3. You have 24 hours to send as many invites as you can before the next Reward can be collected.
4. There are 9 rooms to book everyday. Book and collect Rewards daily!

Get the Inn L’Amour now ! to finish your inn l’amour you need :
10 comfy bed
10 snuggly blanket
20 banister
15 feathery pillow (link)
15 collectible trinkets (link)
20 paint bucket

Once completed, your Inn (now your Inn L’Amour) will have a brand new floor!

You must complete frontierville inn l’amour goals, Part III of IV mission to be able to customize your inn. The details are enough to knock any ladies socks off!

there’s also inn l’amour collection that can give you 1 fuzzy blanket as trade in reward and new badges

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  • Karel Sánchez

    I was trying to upgrade my inn but it doesnt show up the upgrade option. It just said collect bonus, go inside and customize. I dont know what happened. Please help me out!!