Frontierville Intuit Business Boost

By | March 26, 2011

Frontierville Intuit Business Boost are here ! With all those businesses movin’ into your frontier town, get a little boost from our friends at Intuit!

intuit business boost in frontierville – makes buildings bonus instantly ready to collect

This is a cross promotion between intuit website and frontierville – For other business needs, visit the Intuit Website (

there are 2 intuit business boost missions available, you can see the requirements in frontierville buildin’ yore business

the total rewards you can get from finishing the missions are 8 Intuit Business Boosts ! well i hope there will be other ways to get this boos 🙁 coz it’s really help a lot of quest where we must collect building bonus more than 1

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  • Gamer

    Check out Intuit Websites on for the official sponsor of the Intuit Websites FrontierVille game.

  • radair

    where do you get the boost I have looked all over intuit site and everything i go to does not help

    • admin

      look inside your inventory 🙂

  • james

    just try to get more intuit buidings bonus to help out on games

  • brenda

    trying to get more intuit building bonuses to help out with my game. how to do this?