Frontierville Invite To Carol

By | December 21, 2010

Frontierville Invite To Carol ? do you see a post where you invited to carol by your neighbor ?

invite to carol frontierville

the post like this :
xxx’s On a Mission From Santa!
xxx’s lookin’ fer some friends to go carolin’! Why not show some Christmas spirit ‘n join in the fun! (There’s a small reward too!)

where you can click i want in to Join Caroling Squad and will received 100 XP 🙂

This is the part of frontierville 12 days of christmas. This mission is not available yet, unless you`ve paid horsehoes to unlock the missions ahead of the schedule.

On the 5th Day of Frontierville Christmas you need to Collect 5 Friends to Go Caroling. You can see there’s little santa hat on the neighbors that responded 😀

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