Frontierville Irrigation Station Materials Links

By | January 20, 2012

New Frontierville Irrigation Station is coming to your homestead ! Want your crops to grow 20% faster?
All crops planted while this building is complete on yer homestead will grow 20% faster!

Build an Irrigation Station today! Save 60%! or Build it with friends by ask for parts

here are the guide :
Build : Build an Irrigation Station! You’ll be growin’ vittles so fast, you’ll be the envy o’ everyone on the frontier!
Plant Crops : Plant your crops! The market won’t show the faster times, but rest assured that anythin’ you plant’ll grow faster!
Harvest Sooner : Watch crops grow 20% faster! Yer tooltip will show the new harvest time, but give it a couple seconds to kick in!

to build with friends you must collect these materials :
Shiny Faucets
Iron Grates
Circulation Pumps
Gold Valves
Vat Boards
Rain Catchers
Copper Tubing

these items are available from wall post and request (send one get one), so use the request links to get each part faster :
vat-board rain-catcher copper-tubing
vat board link – rain catcher link – copper tubing link

there’s also 1 more item related to irrigation on the xml, but no picture :
storage tank link

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