Frontierville Jackalope, Anole and Eagle

By | July 4, 2011

New Frontierville Mystery Animal Crate on July 2011 ! Every Animal Crate has one of the 3 possible mystery animals: the Jackalope, the Anole and the Eagle! Available in 3 colors, that’s 9 mystery animals!
check it out in the market for the next 2 weeks!

you can see the preview of 3 new animals here
Collect the Jackalope, the Anole, and the Eagle! Every Animal Crate has one of three possible mystery animals

here are the list of new mystery animal that you can get, with pictures :
Frontierville Jackalope – Looks like an electric mouse! Mythically cute!
– brown & white jackalope
– white jackalope
– yellow jackalope

Frontierville Anole – Highly invasive & highly adorable!
– brown anole
– green anole
– orange anole

Frontierville Eagle – Scruffy predator.
– brown eagle
– gray eagle
– black eagle

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