Frontierville Jack’s Payday Missions Jacks Mineshaft Links

By | August 21, 2012

Jack’s gone missing in pioneer trail jacks mineshaft! finish frontierville jack’s payday missions so you can dig deep to help jack find his way out of his mine !

GOAL: Jack’s Payday I, Part IV of V

bring back jack for great rewards ! here are the quest walkthrough :

goal I: Missing in Action
Harvest 30 Squash
Tend 20 animals on your neighbor’s homestead
Collect 5 Missin’ Jack’s Posters
Reward: 400 coins, Canary, Diggin Directions (needed for the Mineshaft)

goal II: A Friend of Mine Mission
Tend 30 Adult Oxen
Gather 15 Notes from Jack by clearing Grass debris
Break ground on the Mineshaft (phase 1)
Reward: 3 Potato Ready Boosts, 600 Coins, 600 XP

Jack’s Mineshaft material links :
broad-blade cushy-bed-roll diggin-shovel lantern-oil
broad blade – cushy bed roll – diggin shovel – lantern oil

metal-casing pot-helmet root-sickle trigger-plate
metal casing – pot helmet – root sickle – trigger plate

goal III: Meals on Wings Mission
Craft 6 Miner’s Meals
Gather 40 Mashed ‘Taters (harvest Potatoes)
Finish Phase 2
Reward: 1000 XP, Molten Cake, Cave Coordinates (needed for the Mineshaft)

4 hard bread + 3 dry meat = miner’s meal
get dry meat drop from adult moose
hard bread link

goal IV: Chilly Disposition Mission
Ask for 20 Cushy Bed Rolls
Gather 30 wool blankets (tend adult sheep)
Finish Phase 3
Reward: Fluffy Leader Sheep, 1400 XP, Miner’s Map (needed for the Mineshaft)

goal V: To the Rescue Mission
Tend 20 adult canaries (found on free gifts and you should have 1 from quest 1)
Ask for 15 Miner’s Hats
Finish the Mine-shaft
Reward: 2 Crazy Cakes, 2200 XP, Jack’s Mine (decoration)