Frontierville Jig Music

By | January 22, 2011

Frontierville Jig Music is the item that you will need to collect for frontierville kickin’ up her heels !

jig music in frontierville

in this frontierville fanny’s on the prowl you need to Collect Ten Jig Music

how to get jig music in frontierville ?
Click “ask friends” on the quest to ask your friends for dancin’ jig music.

Need Dancing Jigs ! Perhaps your friends will share some jigs
click Ask for Jigs to post a request on your wall :

xxx Needs Jigs in a Jiffy!
xxx’s holdin’ a barn dance and needs some dancin’ jig music! Know any? (You’ll get one too!)

help Send Free Jigs to your friends so you can complete 10 jug music faster 😀

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