Frontierville John’s House Missions Help a Soldier

By | October 12, 2012

Help a soldier in frontierville john’s house missions ! John has been hurt in a training exercise and needs doc to tret him. Help make a place for his family to stay and help heal john.

build a house to help an injured soldier’s family !

pioneer trail timed quest :
Goal : Fisher House
Click on the right hand sideboard
Harvest 40 Sparkling Roses (free gifts)
Collect 29 Well Wishes from friends
Reward: 1500 XP, 2 Lavender Crops, Stubby Pup

main john’s house missions :
goal : Training Trouble
Heal 2 Injured Black Deer (uses Critter Milk to heal)
Gather 10 Clover Clusters – harvest Clover crops
Click on the Right sideboard “what is this”
Reward: 500 XP, 1500 Coins, Sleeping Donkey

goal : Home for a Hero
Heal 3 Injured Stag (uses Rescue Supplies to heal)
Harvest 19 Aloe Vera Crops (free gifts, you may have some in inventory)
Finish phase 1 of the sideboard
Reward: 1000 XP, Dinner, 2 Shaggy Llamas

Tend Adult Sheep for Coarse Wool
2 coarse wool + 2 wax coating = rescue blanket
rescue blanket + 4 emergency rations = rescue supplies

goal : Fixing it Up
Craft 3 Springy Beds
Gather 9 Comfy Rugs – Tend Shaggy Llamas (you just got 3)
Finish phase 2 of the sideboard
Reward: 1500 XP, 5 Lavender crops, 5 Soothing Serum

6 bed springs + 7 bed legs = springy bed

goal : Help for a Hero
Help Mrs Stubby
Gather 29 Medicinal Tea – harvest Lavender Crops (free gifts)
Finish phases 3 & 4 of the sideboard
Reward: Lumber Tree Serum, Stubby Pup, Doc drops healed animals

item tips :
Clear Debris for Diggin’ Spades
Feed Adult Pigs for Clay Bricks
Harvest Potatoes for Tater Salad
Harvest Hide Preppin Stations (free gifts) for Leather Lashing
Tend Stubby pups or Fisher kitties for Slobbery Kisses (heal Mrs stubby for a Stubby pup)
Harvest White Peach Trees for Granny’s Cobbler
harvest Cashew Trees for cashew bearing oil
New crop on Free Gift Page (2 hour harvest)

material links :
wood-mallet table-ware smooth-decking fluffy-fluffy

wooden-dowel beef-stew lemon-pie emergency-rations