Frontierville Juicy Berry

By | March 27, 2011

Frontierville Juicy Berry is the item you need to get to lure a shy animal, it works the same like injured critter
juicy berry in frontierville – Use Juicy Berries to lure shy critters out of their burrows!

there are 3 shy animals that need juicy berry to lure them out when you find one :
Shy Spring Bear Cub
Shy Spring Chinchilla
Shy Spring Ferret

once you find them click to lure with juicy berries.

how to get juicy berry in frontierville :
click the shy little critter to post a request when they need one and you don’t have any :
Need Juicy Berries! See if your neighbors have some extra Juicy Berries to nurse your animals with!

Ask for ’em to post or you can also Buy 8 of ’em for horseshoes
xxx needs some Juicy Berries to lure a shy animal !
xxx found a shy little critter that needs to be lured out of its burrow! xxx needs friends to send Juicy Berries to help the poor thing’s confidence! There’s a reward for friends who help.

Send Berry to get 50 XP

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