Frontierville July 4th Decor Crate

By | July 4, 2011

When you finish part 3 of fireworks stand missions you will get reward frontierville july 4th decor crate
the requirement for america the beautiful quest are :
– find or obtain 25 matches
– tend 30 apple trees
– set off 5 new fireworks that are crafted from the fireworks stand

that means you must finish build your fireworks stand in order to get reward : 776 XP + july 4th decor crate + giant roman candle
Open this crate to receive one of three limited edition decorations for the Fourth of July!

now what decoration items you can get inside july 4th decor crate ?
Sparklers : Enjoy this Fourth of July favorite!
Statue of Liberty : Lady Liberty as a miniature monument.
Parade Float : A miniature patriotic parade.
yup 🙂 these are america independence day theme items ! but i’m sure you will see this items on the market soon

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