Frontierville Jumbo Missions 53×53 Expansion

By | January 29, 2013

Finish frontierville jumbo missions to unlock 53×53 expansion ! you must buy ginormous homestead before you can unlock this item.

GOAL: Jumbo, Part I of V

when you’re done with all quest, go craft 11 Land Grants in the Land Office to buy the 11th expansion

walkthrough guide :
goal I: Lookin’ Ahead Mission
Harvest 50 Potatoes
Collect 30 Water Cans (ask friends)
Craft 4 Controlled Fires
Reward: 500 XP, 500 Coins, 1 Firehouse Kitten


goal II: Burnin Fer Space Mission
Collect 35 New Land Party RSVP
Collect 20 Charcoal Chunks (drops from Grass Debris)
Tend 6 Firehouse Kittens
Reward: 1000 XP, 1000 Coins, 1 Loyal Pioneer

goal III: Makin’ Good Mission
Clear 20 Wildflowers
Collect 30 Grape Juice (harvest Grape crops)
Craft 12 Party Plans
Reward: 1500 XP, 1500 Coins, 1 Tough Hand Tonic


goal IV: Plans for Sale Mission
Tend 80 Adult Sheep
Clobber 8 Coyotes
Craft 14 Sheep Pens
Reward: 2000 XP, 2000 Coins, 1 Crazy Cake


goal V: Party On Mission
Clear 6 Stumps
Collect 6 Daily Bonuses from the Land Office
Craft 12 Party Packs
Reward: 2 Brown Horses, Water Storage Container (decoration), Expansion Unlocked

Harvest Pink Lillies for Funny Hats

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