Frontierville Kittens of Unusal Size Mission

By | February 18, 2013

Earn a Rideable Lion from this frontierville kittens of unusal size mission ! craft cat master and complete the collectible items to finish !

The golden kitten ! one of these things is not like the other. We’ve found a golden kitten that seems to be growing much faster than the others. Take care of this special kitty and earn a new rideable animal !

quest walkthrough :

goal : Pioneer Trail Kittens of Unusal Size Mission
– Craft a “Cat Master” Crate
– Open a Cat Master Crate
– Complete the Cat Master Collection 2 times
Reward: 5000 XP, 10 Horseshoes, Rideable Lion

tips :
how to get cat master collection items :
the collectibles drops from the cat master crate and lion mount
cat master collection :
– tamer’s whip
– cat perch
– fire hoops
– cat treats
– trainer’s chair

how to craft cat master crate :
2 Catmint + 3 Kitten Leash = 1 Cat Master Crate
– catmint often drops when harvesting catnip crop on your homestead
– catnip can be found be found in the market and on the free gifts page

Astonishing ! that big ole kitty was a lion cub ! how the heck did he get out here ? good thing you have all that cat master gear to train it !