FrontierVille Labor Day Extravaganza

By | September 5, 2010

FrontierVille Labor Day Extravaganza ! We’re having a Labor Day extravaganza here in FrontierVille! To celebrate we’ve got a brand new collection, special Back to School missions, and new schoolhouse lessons!

labor day on frontierville

Visit the market to get started on these new missions now! Don’t delay, you’ll need to get started on these missions by September 7th and finish them before September 10th or they’ll disappear forever!

Frontierville Labor Day Decoration Items :
Tetherball – 3000 Gold, 50 Wood
Swing set – 3000 Gold, 100 Wood
Monkey bars – 3000 Gold, 50 Wood
School Bus Wagon – Reward for Labor Day Collection
Dunce Cap – Reward for completing last Labor Quest


New Labor Day Missions :
Frontierville Labor Day missions series available in the market until September 7th

New Collection available:
Frontierville Labor Day Collection

New Schoolhouse Lessons available:
LIMITED EDITION: Canning – More food from all crops and fruit trees
LIMITED EDITION: Health Education – Max Energy increased by 5
LIMITED EDITION: Early to Bed – Energy replenishes 15 seconds quicker
Hunting – More resources from varmints
Writing – Hire an extra neighbor per day

see all requirement in frontierville new school lessons

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