FrontierVille Land Expansion

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FrontierVille Land Expansion ! after you finished your homestead expansion quest and build land office you can have the land expansion unlocked

click on land office and you will find “buy land” option available :) click it

there are 4 land expansion available, but only 1 that already unlock
- big homestead : 29×29 size, buy with 1 land grant

the rest are still not yet available for unlock
- huge homestead : 33×33 size
- giant homestead : 37×37 size
- vast homestead : 41×41 size

i don’t know when the rest expansion will ‘coming soon’, but hey we still have the sign post of new area like :
- gold rush
- rattlesnake canyon
- buffalo range
- oregon trail

which one do you think will open first ?

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