Frontierville Legends I Mission

By | May 3, 2011

Frontierville Legends I Mission is a new timed mission that you can finish for a limited time to get rewards :
– 5 sharp axe
– blue ox
– 750 XP

but this quest will take some time because you must sell adult ox 😛 so be prepared from now

Tarnation! That super-sized lumberjack Paul Bunyan has wandered onto the Frontier, and he brought his appetite with him! Time to bust out the biggest griddle you got, ‘cuz we’re makin’ giant flapjacks for Paul!

on this paul bunyan mission you need to :
harvest 20 wheat
request 15 bottles of maple syrup
sell 20 adult oxen

Click “Ask” above to request bottles of Maple Syrup from your friends. Wheat and oxen are available on the Market. And to finish this goal faster you can use animal ready boost to make adult ox !

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