Frontierville Legends II Mission

By | May 23, 2011

Frontierville Legends II Mission ! after the frontierville cowgirls mission we got a 2nd timed quest series with title : Calamity Jane’s Shootin’ Show

GOAL: Frontierville Legends II

if you don’t have more than 1 inn on your homestead then you must wait for 3 days to finish this quest, and the bad thing about wide-eyed chickens.. it’s not an animal for your homestead 🙁

finish this quest in 10 days to get reward : queasy chicken

Calamity Jane’s holed up at the Inn while she’s a gatherin’ supplies for her sharp shootin’ show! Help her prepare for shootin’ apples off of chickens’ beaks!

the requirements for calamity jane mission are :
– Collect Three Daily Bonuses from Inn
– Harvest 50 Apple Trees
– Have or Collect 20 Wide-Eyed Chickens

hint : Click the Inn to collect its Daily Bonus. Apple Trees can be purchased at the Market. Click “Ask Friends” to request Wide-Eyed Chickens.

the rewards for this quest are :
750 XP + 1 queasy chicken + 5 chicken ready boost

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