Frontierville Legends III Mission

By | May 23, 2011

Frontierville Legends III Mission ! now after frontierville calamity jane it’s time for the 3rd series of timed quest : Johnny Appleseed Plants His Seed!

GOAL: Frontierville Legends III

this mission is quite simple and it’s all about apples 😛 you need to request for apple seeds, thending apple trees and plant new apple tree
finish this quest in 15 days to get reward : golden apple tree

Holy McIntosh! Johnny Appleseed needs yer help fulfillin’ his mission to spread the good word of the Apple far and wide!

on this johnny appleseed mission you must :
– Tend 80 Apple Trees on Neighbors’ Homesteads
– Have or Collect 20 Apple Seeds
– Plant Five Apple Trees on your Homestead

hint : Visit Neighbors’ Homesteads to tend their Apple Trees. Click “Ask Friends” to request Apple Seeds. Apple Trees can be bought at the Market.

rewards : 750 XP + 1 golden apple tree + 5 apple ready boost

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  • gayla

    you dont have to buy new apple trees you can take out of orchard and your neighbors have to have the apple trees out of the orchard we can not go in them