Frontierville Leprechaun Traps

By | March 16, 2011

Frontierville Leprechaun Traps is the quest item you will need for frontierville leprechaun missions part 2

leprechaun trap in frontierville

for frontierville get im you must get 10 leprechaun traps, how to get leprechaun traps in frontierville :
click ask friends button on the quest to post a request on your wall :
Need Leprechaun Trap ! You’ll need some leprechaun traps to catch them varmints – ask yer friends fer help!
click Ask for Trap to post

Help xxx Lasso a Leprechaun?
xxx is lookin’ fer some leprehaun traps to catch them frolicin’ fairies. If you send one along, you’ll get a trap too!


help Send Leprechaun Trap to get 1 free trap

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