FrontierVille Level Up Faster With Firecracker

By | July 4, 2010

FrontierVille Level Up Faster With Firecracker ! did you know that you can level up faster with firecracker on frontierville ?

frontierville firecracker

this is the one of the answer for the question how to level up faster in frontierville 🙂 because in each update they change the exp bonus, trade in collection bonus exp and other things so you might level up slowly…

i found this tricks from my neighbor eri 🙂 she level up really fast with this tricks, all you need to do is spend a lot of money to purchase firecracker and click the experience star.. yeah to do this tricks you must have a lot of money.. i almost spet 300.000 coins lol..

what does firecracker do in frontierville ? well nothing.. actually you only look for the big XP which is 76 xp

try to purchase one and you will see a different star 🙂

click the star and you will see how big the experience is

look how many firecracker i have purchased
firecrackers field 😛 they’re fun while they last

remember the firecracker is a limited edition item special for 4th of July on frontierville that limited for 4 days only, so use it while you can 😀

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