FrontierVille Liberty Bell

By | July 10, 2010

FrontierVille Liberty Bell ! Maybe you already know this item, but i will review it again because they extended this bell 😛

liberty bell on frontierville

liberty bell function is the same like other bells, gather the family (you, spouse and baby) around the bell. So if you can’t find them (missing spouse or missing baby) you can ring the bell 😀

how to get liberty bell on frontierville ?
you can get it free from completing independence day collection in frontierville

the independence day collection items are :
tricorne hat get from collect bonus or complete buildings
snare drum get from varmint (snake, bear, groundhog or fox)
tea crate get from clearing grass
powder horn get from chop neighbors oak or pine trees
cannonball get from chickens

4th of july collection

the other way to get liberty bell is by purchase it with cash on the market 😛
limited edition liberty bell – you can see it’s limited for 4 days only and will give you big XP : 1776 experience

but the liberty bell cost a lot of lucky horseshoes : 200 🙁

there are 2 neighbors of mine who got this liberty bell already
but one of them got the frontierville (net status) (2) error, so she can’t play anymore 🙁

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