Frontierville Little Crow and the Train Mission

By | February 15, 2012

Little Crow sees the industry coming ! Little Crow needs your help in frontierville little crow and the train mission to learn about trains ! this is a new timed quest 🙂
GOAL: Little Crow and the Train

Little Crow is scared of the train that’s to arrive on the Homestead. Help her learn more about it to ease her fears!

There’s some sort of metal contraption making noise on the Homestead! Help Little Crow learn more about this Big Engine.

quest requirements :
– Tend 25 non-rideable Adult Horses on yer Homestead or Neighbors’ (Only the brown one you see here counts, pardner)
– Collect 20 Train Wheels
– Collect 20 Photos of Trains

tips :
– Horses can be purchased in the Market.
– ask friends for train wheels and photos of trains
rewards : train set + 400 coins + 700 XP