Frontierville Lost Stallion Mission

By | October 20, 2011

There’s a ghost timed quest for you to finish in this pioneer trail halloween, it takes 5 Days To Complete Once You Start Mission and Expires on 11/7/2011.
Help the ghost of hattie the cowgirl searching for her ghostly horse, kelpie in frontierville lost stallion mission !

Goal : Lost Stallion

timed quest requirements :
– Tend 30 Neighbor non-Ridable Horses
– Collect 15 Dark Compasses link
– Collect 15 Ghost Town Maps (ask – wall)
Reward: Ghostly Buzzard Tree, 300XP, 300 Coins

Hattie the cowgirl needs help searchin’ for her ghostly horse, Kelpie. This world-famous wrangler has been searchin’ high and low for her best friend, but no luck. Maybe you can lend her a hand?

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