Frontierville Lumber Yard Missions

By | March 26, 2013

Move your trees into the frontierville lumber yard to process them and store their chops ! give your homestead more room by upgrading the pioneer trail lumber yard !
Add your selected trees and you will store its chops. Each tree stored gets you 25% more chops !

note :
there’s a bug that make your game freeze when upgrade lumber yard, to fix it you can try entering the upgrade screen from the building menu, click the Lumber Yard then where it says “See Progress”, NOT from the button in the mission window

missions walkthrough guide :

goal 1: Free the Trees Mission
– Tend 15 Adult Pigs
– Harvest 20 Passion Flowers
– Place the Lumber Yard
Reward: 200 XP, 4 Frog Feed, 2 Fully Grown Birch Trees

goal 2: Gathering Logs Mission
– Put 2 fully grown Birch Trees in the Lumber Yard and chop them
– Raise 2 frogs from Tadpole puddles
– Finish phase 1 of the Lumber Yard
Reward: 400 XP, 5 Foxtail Ferns, Granny’s Gut Punch


goal 3: New Growth Mission
– Harvest 20 Foxtail Ferns
– Harvest 30 Blazing Star crops
– Finish phase 2 of the Lumber Yard
Reward: 5 Steel Forges, 5 Sieve Stations, 5 Bamboo

goal 4: Lumber Jack Ways Mission
– Harvest 40 Blue Corn
– Raise 5 more frogs from Tadpole puddles
– Finish the Lumber Yard
Reward: 800 XP, 5 Sieve Stations, Lumberjack Statue

wrapper quest : Gone Green Mission
– Harvest 40 Foxtail Ferns
– Collect a Pine Barren, Copper, & Red Eye tree frog
– Upgrade capacity of Lumber Yard trees 5 times
Reward: 5 Fully Grown Birch, 5 Lumber Tree Serum, 5 Rawhide Gloves


here are the lumber yard guide :
1. store lumber trees
use the storage tool to place the chops from your fully grown lumber trees into lumber yard until you need them
placing a tree in the lumber yard gives you 25% more bonus chops and save space on your homestead

2. open lumber yard
go to lumber yard to see your stored trees by clicking the “lumber yard” option on the building’s menu

3. chop trees
select a tree type, use the plus and minus to choose how many chops you want to do, then click the chop button ! close the dialog and collect all the drops from your tree chops !