Frontierville Ma McBaggins Pharmacy Mission

By | May 2, 2011

Frontierville Ma McBaggins Pharmacy Mission is day 8 goal for frontierville broken down wagon missions , for this part you need to clearing some debris harvest tree and ask item from your friends


Ma prepared remedies in case anyone gets sick on the trail – but where can they be?! It might be easier to help Ma stew up some new medicine. She will help ya put everything together, you just need to go out and collect a few things.

on this lost family medicine mission you must :
Harvest 30 Peppermint
Clear 15 Wildflowers
Collect 20 Red Vials (These’ll be used up to complete the mission.)

hint : Peppermint can be purchased with the trees in the Market. Click the “Ask Friends” above to ask friends for Red Vials.

reward : prairie sick got, 1 map piece, 450 coins

looks like you did a good job restocking granny mcbaggins’ pharmacy! why not share a boost from her remedies with some friends ?