Frontierville Makin Room Missions

By | March 5, 2011

Frontierville Makin Room Missions ! there are 3 part for mega storage expansions in frontierville

GOAL: Makin’ Room in frontierville

you can repeat this mission to get more storage increments of 15 each time

part 1 : Stacking Wood
part 2 : Mortise and Tenon
part 3 : Radical Reconstruction

here are the list of frontierville making room mission :

GOAL: Makin’ Room, Part I of III
Chop Down 50 / 25 Trees On Your Homestead
Visit 25 Neighbors
Have 25 Cloth

GOAL: Makin’ Room, Part II of III
Have or Craft 100 Planks
Get 16 Tools
Collect 2 Storage Shed Bonuses

GOAL: Makin’ Room, Part III of III
Clear 15 / 30 Debris On Your Homestead
Craft 8 / 10 Sawhorses
Expand your Storage Shed

note : i just realized there are 2 version of this mission requirement number (thx to Rhonda), i think it’s for high level / low level – so i put it together with “/”

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  • Rhonda

    i have to chop 50 trees in the first part

  • Melissa

    You don’t have to chop the trees down…you just have to chop 50 times…I was getting a little worried that it would leave me with no trees.

  • stephen

    I had to chop 100 trees on the fist part and I had to craft 16 sawhorses for part 3 and clear 50 debris. What is going on with zynga?

  • Sally Lamb

    I had to chop 50 times, 10 neighbors, 10 cloth on the first part. I’m level 60.

  • mamie

    bonsoir j’ai terminer la mission 111 pour le hangard mais en dernier il faut cliquer pour agrandir et tout ce que cela fait ces bonus toujour bonus et mon hagard reste sur une charpente seulement le hangard ne s’agrandit jamais et cela sa fait 1 mois que sa dure sos comment faire pour avoir mon hangard merci bc

  • Unknown

    At the moment i just have to chop 10 trees and have or craft 40 planks. I have 85 slots in my storage. Think there are at least 3 versions…