Frontierville Making Room For Twins Missions

By | April 17, 2012

Help Hank build a Nursery and toys for their newborns in frontierville making room for twins missions!

GOAL: Making Room For Twins I of IV

Hank and Fanny’s family is growin’ and Fanny ain’t’ sure they’re fully prepared. You may even build some great, rideable, rewards too.

pioneer trail goals guide + item links :

Goal I: Make Room for Babies Mission
Harvest 30 Sunflowers
Craft 1 Baby Proof Ram (it’ll be in your inventory!)
Finish the Nursery (Phase 1)
Reward: 450 XP, Granny’s Gut Punch, All you can eat (2)

tips :
4 feather padding + 3 leather straps = safety padding
safety padding + 2 horn cork = babyproof ram
Sell adult ducks or chickens for feather padding
horn cork link

Goal II: Work & Play Mission
Harvest 30 Broccoli
Craft 2 Baby Proof Bulls
Finish the Playroom (Phase 2)
Reward: 950 XP, Quick Draw Quaff, Decorative Dollhouse

tips :
2 safety padding + 4 large horn cork = babyproof bull
large horn cork link

Goal III: Grounds for Fun Mission
Tend 12 Baby Proof Rams
Collect 30 Cool Lemonade (harvest lemon trees)
Finish the Playground (Phase 3)
Reward: 1400 XP, Green Lightning, A Playground

Goal IV: Play it Safe Mission
Harvest 40 Cherry Tomatoes (on free gift page)
Collect 20 Safety Ties
Craft 20 Baby Proof Animals (either ram or bull)
Reward: 2200 XP, 2400 Coins, 2 Spring Riders (you can mount them)

pioneer trail nursery items :
starry-wallpaper tiny-tea-set rocking-horse sand-fort
Starry Wallpaper link – Tiny Tea Set link – Rocking Horse link – Sand Fort link

horse-figurine dollhouse-frame safety-bolts
Horse Figurine link – Dollhouse Frame link – Safety Bolts link

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