Frontierville Marrow Bones

By | April 20, 2011

Frontierville Marrow Bones is one of the quest item you will need to get for frontierville heavy petting mission part 4

marrow bone in frontierville – Used to complete a mission. Collected from friends.

on animal house mission you must Collect 10 Marrow Bones (Them bones will be consumed to complete this mission.)

how to get marrow bones in frontierville :
click ask friends button on the quest to post a request in news feed
Need Marrow Bone ! Why not ask your friends for marrow bones? They’ll get one too!
click Ask for Bone to post request

Are you Bad to the Bone?
Have a Bone to Pick with xxx?
xxx needs some tasty marrow bone snacks for the new pet shop. You’ll get one too!

Send Bone to your friends so you can get 1 free marrow bone faster

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