Frontierville Matches

By | July 2, 2011

Frontierville Matches is the quest item for Fourth of July Part III of III, and you will need some matches to light fireworks up!
Use Matches to light up the new firework rockets for Fourth of July! Purchasable in the Market

how to get matches in frontierville ?
Click “Ask Friends” on the mission to get more matches, or you can find them by tending trees on your homestead.

– look on the news feed because when your friends finish some 4th of july quest or fireworks badges, they can share matches

click your fireworks stand > get matches to request from your friends
or use this frontierville matches link to request this item from your friends :
Howdy Pardner! I’m tryin’ to git some Matches to light up some fireworks for the holiday! (If you help, you’ll get one too!)

after you put your fireworks, you can also click option get matches to post a request

Need Matches! Do you want to ask your friends if they have some matches?
you can also buy box of matches x10 for 20 HS

A burning desire…
xxx needs Matches to light off fireworks!
xxx is setting off a fireworks display for Fourth of July and needs more matches!
Send Matches!

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