Frontierville Measuring Tape

By | September 13, 2010

Frontierville Measuring Tape is one of the horseshoe pit requirement, you will need to collect 10 measuring tape

measuring tape on frontierville

how to get measuring tape in frontierville ?
click ‘ask for more’ button to get measuring tape request posted on your wall 🙂

need measuring tape !
You need measuring tape to see which throw is the closest. Do you want to ask your friends if they have some extra ? They’ll get a tape too !

click ask friends and you will see this post on your wall

now you will need help from your friend to click ‘send measuring tape’

if your friends help you they will get 1 free measuring tape 🙂
you can help your friends to get free measuring tape too, so you will collect 10 faster !

go to the inventory and you will find measuring tape in there

tips : looks like you can ask measuring tape for unlimited time 😛 so post 10 request so you will get tape faster !

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