Frontierville Medical Supplies

By | February 22, 2011

Frontierville Medical Supplies ! there’s a new item that you can get as reward from trade in one of collection in frontierville

medical supplies in frontierville – used when traveling across the frontier

across frontier = neighbors ? or it means another place like Oregon Trail ? because from the oregon trail explanation : “bring wagon axles, ammo, medicine, and plenty o’grub” it said medicine ! will this “coming soon” feature be open soon ? i do hope so 🙂

how to get medical supplies in frontierville ?
you can collect all the doctors office collection and trade in so you will get medical supplies + 100 XP

frontierville doctors office collection

you can get doctors office collection items from whacking when building doctor’s office or collecting daily bonus from doctor’s office

but so far there’s no further explanation from the xml files, i just hope we won’t use it for another goals >.<

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