Frontierville Meet Ted Missions Animal Aid Station

By | July 13, 2012

Heal injured animals in frontierville meet ted missions and collect bess love to earn amazing rewards !

Goal : meet ted I – V

Place the pioneer trail animal aid station and work with ted and bess on tracking down the elusive white grizzly !

goal I : Meetin Ted Mission
Place an Animal Aid Station (very small footprint, no building needed)
Collect 20 Tent Canvases
Collect 6 Tent Poles
Reward: 200 XP, 100 Bess’ Love, Loverly Sheep

bess romance diary material links :
pet-aid-book heavy-thread gauze
pet aid book link – heavy thread link – gauze link

flint-and-tinder survival-kit catnip-leaf
flint and tinder link – survival kit link – catnip leaf link

goal II : Gearin Up Mission
Harvest 10 Pink Lilies (found on free gift page)
Collect 8 Hearty Trailmix
Collect 6 Flint & Tinder
Reward: 400 XP, 10 Bess’ Love, Fast Hands Boost

goal III : A Sickly Situation Mission
Heal a Sickly White Bobcat
Make 5 Chicken Noodle Soups
Collect 20 Bowls of Juice (harvest apricot trees)
Reward: 600 XP, 30 Bess’ Love, Bristlecone Pine (decoration tree)

6 noodles + 3 chicken chunks = chicken noodle soup

You need 10 Kitty Cough Syrups to heal each bobcat:
3 catnip leaf + 2 sugary syrup = kitty cough syrup

goal IV : Wilderness Bound Mission
Collect 15 Pine Needle Tea – drops from pine trees that are not saplings
Collect 8 Survival Kits
Craft 7 Med Kits
Reward: 800 XP, 30 Bess’ Love, 2 Kitty Cough Syrups

3 strong bandages + 2 gauze = med kit
4 pet aid book + 3 med kit = animal med kit

goal V : Nest Eggs Mission
Harvest 20 Catnip Crops (on free gift page)
Heal 1 Tree Swallow
Make 5 Animal Med Kits
Reward: 1000 XP, 40 Bess’ Love, 2 Raging Buffalos

Need 10 Warming Blankets to heal Tree Swallows. Rock drop Heating Stones.
2 soft fabric + 2 heavy thread = 3 fluffy blanket
2 heating stone + 3 fluffy blanket = warming blankets

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