Frontierville Milking Stool

By | January 13, 2011

Frontierville Milking Stool is the item quest that you will need for the last bess mission in frontierville, sure beats wrasslin’ steers fer a livin !

milking stool in frontierville

you must collect 10 milking stools (them stools will be used up to complete this mission)

how to get miliking stool in frontierville ?
click ask friends button on the quest to ask for milking stools or unlock for 20 HS

you will see this pop up :
Need Milk Stools! Maybe your neighbors have some extra milk stools they can spare.
click Ask for Milk Stools to post

here’s the milking stool post request on your wall :
xxx’s Cows Have Excellent Udders!
xxx new farmhand Bess needs some extra milking stools. Got any spares? (You’ll get one too.)

you can also Send Free Milking Stool for your friends to get free milking stool

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