Frontierville Missing Big Barn

By | May 30, 2011

Frontierville Missing Big Barn ? after you finish upgrade the barn you will find the big barn invisible like this :
wayne2376 disappeared big barn – you can only see the animal around the barn (part of the big barn)

this happened when i’m done building the big barn, added oxen and cows then i closed out frontierville. After i went back in my barn was gone only bess was left

upgrading big barn also give another problem where it is not counting toward completion of the who’s that red head quest

when you try to customize big barn, you will see this :

but don’t worry, because NikiKing – super moderator on frontierville forum already noticed this :
*Note* We have reported the invisible barn issue and the team is working on it. We will update this post when we know it has been fixed.
Thank You

so all we need to do is wait 😛 but if you still want to complain about this glitch problem, visit this big barn issues thread :

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