FrontierVille Mission Manager

By | September 12, 2010

Frontierville Mission Manager ! Got missions ? Go to the My Stuff page to look at all of ’em !

mission manager on frontierville

click on my stuff icon and you will see a new missions icon available (this feature slowly released for everyone so maybe some of you will see ‘coming soon’)

Here’s the guide for mission manager in frontierville :

click the missions icon

you will see 15 box with your goal that you have right now 🙂
Missions Manager

Click on a mission to view your progress. When your cursor is over a mission, use the left and right arrows to move the mission up or down the list.

okay because i only have 1 mission i can’t do that 😛 so i do some quest to spawn another, and i have about 5 quests then suddenly there’s ‘Click to view more missions‘ icon available on the left side !

now if you hover each goal, you will see arrows on the left and right side
you can move to top / move to bottom by clicking the arrow

then what happened ? now look on my frontierville goals :

i only see 3 missions 🙂 and if i want to rearrange, just click the missions icon / more missions icon !

this is good because some players who have 4 missions, they won’t see a new missions.. so with this feature it’ll helped a lot !

too bad they didn’t make any frontierville missions list that we have finished, maybe in the future ? 😛

so what do you think about this frontierville missions manager feature ?

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  • Jenn

    I have the missions box, but it’s empty…I suppose I’ve done all the mission/goals that I can do…I’m level 42 and recently finished with the peanuts and canon missions….

  • anne

    i too on level 42 and hae no more missions ..i planting and harvesting but wondering how long this is gonna go on for coz getting little bored now!

  • Nicole

    I’m with you guys. no new missions here either. I am level 43 and also recently finished with the peanuts. the game is boring now because I don’t want to just plant and harvest crops.

  • Julie

    I am at level 42 also and have no more missions…is this the last level?? I just finished the 1 million coin mission and the peanut mission. This game needs to catch up to us!! lol

  • Cheryl

    I am also level 43. I have completed canons, jackalope lodge, peanuts, french fry and aunt missions. Now what? Are we done? When will they open other areas that the signs show?

  • shannon

    i am a level 49 and just finished the million coins and peanut missions too and no new missions, i have neighbors that are level 62 and stuff tho so this cant be it>

  • Kimmer

    Oh, I’m so glad I’m not alone on this issue! I haven’t had a new mission in quite a while (I think the aunt mission was the last one I had to finish) and now.. I’ve got nothing and I’m getting pretty bored. Here’s hoping this is fixed.. and soon!

  • ratchet

    I’m level 51 and haven’t had a mission in a few days……to answer pp no i have a friend who is on level 58 so this can’t be the end…but like someone else said this is getting boring with nothing to work towards…UGH

  • Pavel

    Also level 53, no mission since I did the peanuts…

  • jeremy

    I’m only Level 80 and didn’t have a new missions and quest. I’ll waiting for the four SIGNS Buffalo range, Gold rush, Rattlesnake Canyon, Ordicon.And thats all folks. haha

  • Melissa

    I just finished the peanuts and million missions in three days..this is so boring.

  • Jackie

    Same here, level 47. No Missions left, after that it just becomes farmville… Any one know if you get other missions or is this it??

  • Amy

    I have the same problem. I’m level 50 and I have gotten a few timed missions but they only last so long and then I complete them too. According to some of the things I have seen on other websites, and the badges from the lodge, we are supposed to be able to make our families bigger in different missions but I can’t find them. Anyone else know how I can make my family bigger than 3 people?

  • sharon l e

    how about the school missions

  • Gail

    I received the letter to start the caroling missions, but clicked before I read how to start them. They are not showing up in my mission field. It said “to start the missions, click —” and I clicked before I read what to click! Help??

  • lore

    how do i get cannons, i went to the foundry and the missions are locked. why??? im on level 53, how and when can i unlock them