Frontierville Monumental Homestead Expansion Missions

By | February 4, 2012

The Frontierville Monumental Homestead Expansion missions are now available! You’ll need to survey the land and make sure it’s all clear to use. Buy them now!
GOAL: Monumental Homestead Expansion, Part I-V

Start the Pioneer Trail Monumental Homestead Expansion! Once the final mission is complete head to the Land Office to Buy the Land 43×43 – cost 7 land grant

here are the quest requirements + rewards :
goal I : Frontier Mint Mission
Collect 20 Frontier Mint from Peppermint
Craft 5 School Rucksacks in the Upgraded School House
Collect 15 Expansion Permits
Reward: 250 XP 250 Coins, 50 Super Potato Seeds

16 wax canvas + 9 leather straps = school rucksack
wax canvas link

goal II : Warm up the Clobberin Arm Mission
Clobber 10 Groundhogs
Harvest 150 Vanilla Orchids
Collect 15 Snares
Reward: 500XP, 500 Coins 2 Plum Trees

goal III : Get Frontier Tough Mission
Harvest 40 Melons
Sell 35 Adult Moose
Craft 7 Loyal Pioneers in the Saloon
Reward: 750XP, 750 Coins, Crazy Cake

10 fire water + 10 fruit punch = loyal pioneer
fire-water fruit-punch
fire water link – fruit punch link

goal IV : Monumental Snakes Mission
Fire the Snake Cannon 10 times
Chop Lumber Trees 200 times on your homestead
Collect 20 Neighbor Signatures
Reward: 1000XP, 1000 Coins, 3 Cocoa Trees

goal V : Savor the Moment Mission
Craft 7 Ganache in the Brick Oven
Collect 4 Daily Bonuses from the Land Office
Collect 125 Sweet Cabbage by harvesting Cabbage
Reward: 1500XP, 1500 Coins, Cream Cow

8 garnish + 7 cocoa powder = ganache
garnish link

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