Frontierville Mutant Mystery Mission

By | October 20, 2011

Help farmer mcdinkle from ghost town in frontierville mutant mystery mission, a limited halloween timed quest where you need to help him gather some stuff for mutant plants problem by tending neighbor crops and ask friends for items !

GOAL: Mutant Mystery

After you help him you will get a pioneer trail ghostly pig as reward 🙂

quest requirements :
– Tend 30 Neighbor Wheat
– Collect 20 Steel Hoes (ask – wall post)
– Collect 20 Purified Water link


rewards : ghostly pig, 500 XP, 500 coins

Farmer McDinkle knew something was wrong with the plants around him, but he just kept chopping and pulling them. Now the plants are getting out of control and even worst they’ve become mutated! Help Farmer McDinkle find a remedy to whack all these mutant plants once and fer’ all!

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