Frontierville New Hobbies Mission

By | January 8, 2011

Frontierville New Hobbies Mission is one of new years resolution in frontierville for humble bob 😛

new hobbies in frontierville

challenging mission : suggested level 16 – Repeatable set of two building-related missions, part of the Resolute Pioneer badge.

you can purchase new bobby quest with 9500 coins, and there are 2 goals to finish

here are frontierville new hobby mission :

Frontierville Goal New Hobby Part I
Fun & Games ! Life isn’t all about working hard, you gotta find new ways to enjoy yourself! Why not try out some new games and see if any of them tickle your fancy?
– Get Ten Board Games (These will be used up to fulfill this mission.)
– Play a game of Horseshoes
– Collect Five Spanish Coins (Yup, these will be used up too.)

Hint : Ask your friends to send you some Board Games to play. You can play Horseshoes either on your own pit, or one that a neighbor has built. Spanish Coins are part of the Clearing collection.

Frontierville Goal New Hobby Part II
Vendettas & Varmints (TM) ! So you’re bored of the normal games, and are still looking for some excitement? Why don’t you try out this new fangled game from back east called Vendettas & Varmints? It has a rather odd list of requirements…
– Craft Five Powder Kegs (These will be used up to fulfill this mission.)
– Craft Five Sextants (These will also be used up to fulfill this mission.)
– Collect Five Tolls

Hint : Powder Kegs are crafted in the Foundry. Sextants are crafted in the Land Office. The Toll Booth bonus can be collected multiple times a day. These buildings can all be found in the Market.

You have started the New Hobby Resolution. Once both missions are complete, you will get a Hobby Crate containing one of four decoration rewards.

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